Get the energy you need for a successful journey!

You've made the commitment to go from fear to fire--congrats!

There are three things you need for a successful journey:

1) courage

2) commitment

3) energy

I'm pretty confident you have the courage and the commitment. After all, you're here, and that tells me a lot about you.

So what's next? Let's make sure you have the energy!

The easiest way to get the energy you need is to get high performance sleep. But getting high performance sleep doesn't come easy these days.

So we've made it easier!

It's called the Sleep Performance Assessment (SPA).

Our innovative Sleep Performance Assessment (SPA) is the result of:

• my personal journey to end my sleep performance problems and

• my desire to help people put an end to their sleep performance problems, too.

The Sleep Performance Assessment (SPA) is our propietary diagnostic which combines:

1) the best from the best sleep health professionals with whom I consulted as a patient and

2) my insights as a clinician.

Best of all? The innovative Sleep Performance Assessment (SPA) takes you beyond Sleep Hygiene and into the critical realm of Sleep Integrity.

So if you've come up empty in your search for an effective sleep program, you're going to love the Sleep Performance Assessment (SPA).

It's a game changer.

“I used the strategies Tara gave me, and the afternoon slump that always hit me at 2pm is gone! Now my whole afternoon is productive–thank you!”

Chris J.

Telecom Executive

The Sleep Performance Assessment gives you a powerful , individualized report that includes:

• your individual sleep performance profile based on your answers

• clear graphics that make your report easy to understand

• the top 3 strategies to take you to the next level of sleep performance and give you the energy you need

The Sleep Performance Assessment is quick and easy. Answer the questions from wherever you happen to be and hit submit. That's it!

Your report appears in your inbox within two days. (Don't worry, we're not sleeping on the job! We need 48 hours to turn it around because I review every single report before we send it out. When we say individualized, we mean it!)

The Sleep Performance Assessment is affordable.

At just $197, it's the best investment you can make to take you to the next level of sleep performance so you have success on your journey--and beyond!

"The strategies worked! I now sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested in the morning."

Peter Margaritis

CPA & Certified Speaking Professional

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You're going to love where the Sleep Performance Assessment takes you!

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