"As a leader, you want to take advantage of everything that will give you an edge. Tara Clancy’s revolutionary Performance Power Cycle™ gives you that edge and more, showing you how to power up your organization so you’re ready to amaze every customer (or client) every time!"
-- Shep Hyken, Customer service/CX expert and New York Times bestselling author of The Amazement Revolution
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    Learn how the revolutionary Performance Power Cycle™ uncovers the hidden malfunctions that limited the impact of legendary leaders like Steve Jobs and Jack Welch--and threaten your leadership today.


    Explore the underlying cause of today's greatest leadership challenges--burnout, stress and mental wellness barriers, etc.--in multigenerational case studies

    Cutting-edge Innovations

    Employ cutting-edge assessments and strategies to activate your greatest leadership asset: you at full power!